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What better way to improve DoerHub than to use DoerHub to power DoerHub? The site is designed to make people luckier with their pursuits. The more people know about your pursuits and needs the greater the probability that you will find the advisor, teammate, resource, or tool you need to complete it. The caveat: You have to be able to inspire others to join you and prove you are someone they want to follow through your actions, in-kind contributions and special skills.

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Team Posts
How much interest is there in your projects and profile?
by Diana Zink

The Exposure metric on projects now shows how many people have seen the page to date and how popular it has been in the past week. You can see the same information about your profile as well (privately). Just go to your profile page.

You can now send messages on DoerHub
by Diana Zink

Did you find someone you want to collaborate with? You can now send them a message. We've made the service available to everyone as a trial. Reported spammers will lose the right to send messages to people they don't know, so be judicious about the volume and quality of the messages you send out. If you have questions or feedback, just send a note to Diana Zink.

Latest DoerHub Updates
by Diana Zink

We've been working hard to get more functionality out. The latest updates are:
- You can have more control of project privacy settings
- You can add status and progress level to any tasks that you own
- You can see initiatives that share the same tags (when properly categorized)

Since we've received feedback that the now-close-to 90 members of the site would prefer more privacy controls and options for their initiatives, we are focusing on delivering that in the next few days.