Building a mobile tool for the physical security of human rights defenders, activists and journalists
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Security First is a mobile application that will provide human rights defenders, activists and journalists with the information on what to do in any given security situation and the tools to do it. The user-friendly guide is specific to the risks faced by HRDs and adapted to a number of different cultural contexts.

It allows the user to choose what they want to do, such as: send a secure email; make a secure call; securely access the internet; share or store data; identify surveillance; hold a secure meeting; secure their office; go underground; evacuate. Once a situation is chosen, and if appropriate, region, the app gives simple step-by-step instructions on what actions to take. Where there are existing tools the app directs users to them, explaining how to use them, and where possible it integrates them into the Security First app and transforms them into simple, automated systems. Eventually the app will link up to a back-end management system that allows NGOs to monitor the security of all of their staff.

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