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I am looking to create an app to help surgery residents prepare for their oral certification exam. There is a paucity of apps in this area and room for growth.

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I hate to be negative but this can end up as a lot of work. I run a medical website for the core post-graduate medical exam in Europe which is also used by a fair few other countries. To remain relevant requires a lot of work each year. The primary problem will be data entry - you need someone medically qualified that has passed the exam to write questions (or you could licence them but that would be expensive) and these people are either expensive or severely short on free time.

Market potential
by Diana Zink

The Oral boards exam is a required for surgery residency graduates before they can practice as an attending physician. Market size ~1200 users per year. Price maximum ~$20 per download (relative to other prep materials). Promotion not needed outside of App store, since this would likely be one of the top apps for this niche subject. Expansion potential - other exams that can benefit from algorithm-based preparation materials.