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From 70s to early 90s; software inventors widened the reach of computing by providing user-friendly abstraction layers; making the computer usable by everyone by hiding the complexities of the CPU, motherboard and its devices. In this way BASIC, spreadsheets, mouse-driven visual operating systems were created for the joy of the masses and the disgust of the beard-scratching elite.

Today we no longer need an abstraction layer for the CPU and the personal computer became a window for a huge distributed ubiquitous computer which is the web. Web programming involves learning at least 10 different skills; from these at least three are different programming languages; what once was the CPU is now the web stack.


Synaptor is a web-based programming environment which makes web programming as simple and intuitive as a working with a spreadsheet. Users can create apps and share its reusable, modular components without the hassles and tough learning curve of today´s so-called web stack.

Synaptor features a new dataflow scripting language that is easy to learn; yet powerful enough to abstract away the complexities of web programming and let anyone build from simple calculation apps and web-integration contraptions to complex asynchronous workflows; combined with online visual dataflow diagraming tools and community component-sharing it becomes the programming environment of the future.

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