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FAQ / How does this work?
What is DoerHub?
DoerHub is place where you can find teammates, advice, tools, beta users, resources and anything else really, towards your projects and pursuits. A place that powers the things you want to do next. We are a bunch of passionate people working on interesting things together. You can use the site to collaborate directly with people around you, or anywhere around the world on things you are passionate about. Simply post a project (private, public, or limited to people you know). Send the link to it to people you want to recruit (or make it open to DoerHub) and watch to see who grabs tasks, requests to join your team, spreads word, or refers people who can help you. We take pride in generating "happy accidents" - people discoveries, valuable advice, and other good things coming to our members because the world unites behind people who love what they are doing. The more you do and share, the more comes back to you.

Luck is equal to "What are you passionate about" multiplied by "Preparation" multiplied by "How many people know you are passionate about it". DoerHub is simply designed to make doers like you lucker. We come from a university environment, so we form a concentrated crowd of likeminded proactive, entrepreneurial people and we enjoy doing many low-risk projects with collaborators who have complementary skills. By doing that we learn a lot, and identify amazing teammates for our next big thing.

That is why DoerHub profiles are designed to show your deep passions and the stages you have with each - so we can show you people who are advanced at things you are trying to learn and still growing in areas you can help them with.

What kind of projects can I post?
Anything that you want to do with other people. You can use DoerHub to collaborate virtually or to organize a local group to do things together. Examples:
  • Posting a startup idea to find teammates, advisors or feedback
  • Adding teammates to a side GitHub project and leading it as a larger effort
  • Organizing a local band
  • Putting together an event for a school tech club.
To see what you can do, check out DoerHub's project for DoerHub.

Who can see my projects? What about my profile?
DoerHub has added privacy controls so you can limit project views to:
  • Private - only you (and members of your project's team on DoerHub if you have any) can see this project
  • Only DoerHub - anyone registered for the site
  • Any of the above + a public URL you can share with whomever you want so they can see it without registering.

What is this cycle thing about?

We realized that each subject or interest you pursue (design, python, entrepreneurship, surfing, you name it) takes you through a repeating cycle of needs.

A DoerHub Badge

  1. 1. At first you strive to connect with others.
  2. 2. Then seek to learn more and master the subject.
  3. 3. Then to make it your own by building or leading something.
  4. 4. Then you may enjoy mentoring others
  5. 5. With success comes a desire to impact, invest, publish, contribute open-source code, or influence.
  6. 6. Until you are ready to reinvent yourself and do something new.
The cycles are designed to help you quickly identify people who are advanced at things you are trying to learn and still growing in areas you can help them with. We are expanding what you can do with the cycles, but the gist of it is - if you share where you're heading, we will be sending good luck your way over time.

Can somebody steal my idea?
In our experience, most of the time you have to shove a good idea down people's throats before they get it, and even then it may not be understood. The goal of the site is to help you recruit the support of others in little or big ways. People follow people, so share as much as you think will prove your credibility and passion. Most ideas are being worked on somewhere by someone, so our goal is to enable you, our members, to execute on yours as fast as possible with the best people possible. You control the privacy of your projects, and we advise you to share only what you are comfortable with. If you are worried about someone stealing your idea and holding all of it to yourself, you will likely be slower in making it happen than your competitors working in a garage somewhere none of us have heard about.

Where is the catch? How do you make money?
There is no catch. The services you currently see on the site are free for use to our current members. We are working to support the site in other ways. We are building advanced functionality for pro users, and we will likely put pay-walls in front of behavior you'd find annoying (spammers, recruter postings, etc.) We REALLY want to hear back from you if you want new features on DoerHub, especially since we add user-requested improvements daily. If you like the site so much you want to contribute, there is a a DoerHub project on DoerHub and we'll also listen to anything you send us at [email protected] ("How do I donate to you guys?", "Do you have any job openings?", "Where can I get a DoerHub T-Shirt with my cycle badge on it?" are all valid requests. Our favorites are: "This ABC feature sucks, here is how I need you to make it better!" and "Whoa, I can't live without XYZ anymore! Can you expand it?").

What do I get for helping out on a project?
That is between you and the project leader. Some teams have agreed to share ownership 50/50, others are just helping eachother. If you really care about this, ask the project organizer before getting involved. In our opinion, working with a range of people on interesting things enables you to gain "Social Capital" and to get to know others better. Who knows, your next idea could be a big one and one of your DoerHub collaborators might be your best go-to person for the co-founder spot. How would you know if you don't work with them first?

Why did you build this?
Because we've been doing projects of all kinds for decades and the support for Doers like us has been minimal out there. Here are some of our founder's past contraptions:
  1. @Age 11: built a wooden car for five that got confiscated for road violations.
  2. @14: started first web business.
  3. @15: created a fraud protection setup for coupons for a family’s business by mixing different inks (unfortunately the system caught and put someone in jail for forgery).
  4. @18: mixed 3D/web side projects with a trigonometry‑driven animation and won 2nd place at Bulgaria’s National IT Olympiad.
  5. @21 on: Started an informal mentoring/pro‑bono assistance network for entrepreneurs.
  6. @23 on: Started a “WhoSoldMyEmailToSpammers” collection [we REALLY hate spammers, if you can't tell so far] plus various internal pet‑projects for each employer.
  7. @27: Founded DoerHub to give serendipity a hand by enabling all doers to find the best possible teammates for the initiatives they care about, do more, and tackle bigger challenges together.
Diana's DoerHub profile is Feel free to say Hi!