Diana Zink
Making life better and more interesting. Making everyone a little luckier with their pursuits.

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LocationSan Francisco Bay Area
AffiliationsUniversity of Chicago, 85 Broads, Turner Broadcasting, NBA.com, CNN.com, MENSA, DoerHub
SkillsRuby on Rails, JavaScript, UX, Design, MongoDB, Neo4j, Node.js, ElasticSearch, SQL, Java, Android, Meteor, Postgres


Creator of things. Founder of http://DoerHub.com and https://www.dreamlist.com . UChicago Alum. Past: web product management & engineering @ NBA, Turner Sports & Turner Broadcasting

Stories and Insights
A hacker-founder's approach to building a startup in Grad School.
by Diana Zink

Daily Schedule:
12pm-6pm - Classes, meetings, socializing
8pm-6am - Building a startup, one line of code at a time.

Productivity food:
Pickining protein in any shape or form (milk, yogurt, turkey, you name it), because it keeps the brain awake and working. Fruit provides a great desert without a sugar-crash. In order to build complex functionality you have to keep your brain focused and fueled for many hours at a time without interruptions.

A searchable, portable, expensive Masters degree:
To ensure every insight is properly preserved, store all notes in digital format. The Notability iPad app is most excellent for simultaneous writing and drawing, and when the professor allows it, recording audio overlay on top of the notes so you can transport yourself to the exact part of the lecture when you click on a note. If laptops and tablets are not allowed the LiveScribe pen does the job just as well with its paper-to-pdf translation. As Dimensional Fund Advisors and Warren Buffet discovered, an insight gained from a professor could make you billions one day, so why risk forgetting something? The added advantage of all-digital notes is that they are perpetually searchable as well.

A time to make mistakes and learn fast
Graduate school and college campuses allow you the rare (until DoerHub) luxury to be surrounded with smart people who work on interesting ideas and do many little or big projects together. Happy accidents like Google and Facebook are not a coincidence in such an environment. That is why www.DoerHub.com is here as well - to replicate that environment and reduce the friction it currently takes to find great teammates. So we can keep collaborating and building great ideas years after we leave campus.

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